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Good designs leads to good construction. A Construction site is usually a mesh of interconnected processes that are far from optimized. At Radianz we are committed to dismantling this persistent confusion and to push towards a tidy planning and organizational coordinated phase.

Flexible working productivity has made us the leading construction company in Trivandrum. We have on-going projects developing in Trivandrum, Kochi and Kozhikode. Our uniqueness covers a range of solutions to meet your needs for construction as Radianz has a team of professional constructors. The in-house team includes architects, civil engineers, MEPs and techno commercial team. We deliver sketches and the development process begins when you approve the construction design and layout. Technical crew assess the suitability of the current quality assurance procedures after the design is locked. Company gives sample estimation and concludes an agreement in order to ensure continuity with pre-construction feedback. The project manager plays a key role in planning, executing and controlling the projects.

Our services involve the management, operation and implementation of comprehensive mechanical, plumbing and electrical equipment including the land reconstruction and renovation, soil repair and floor tiling. We understand common pitfalls and start each project with experts who want to fix the issue proactively before they happen. From planning and pre-installation to installation and project close-out, every step of the way we extend the life of a project with customized support.


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