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Refer & Earn

Absolutely Amazing – The Greatest Refer & Earn Program

The Refer & Earn program @ Radianz is a great way you and your friend can earn together. You refer your friend, acquaintances or do a bit of marketing in your free time. If they sign up for a project with us, we instantly credit you with Rs. 15,000, no questions asked. What’s more, your friend also gets a discount of Rs. 10,000. It’s a Win-Win situation.

Good Friends Share!

If you have someone particular in mind...

Share the word, It’s as easy as that..

Click the link below, go to our website and register yourself. You will get a call from our referral management team, who will take you through the process. It’s a breeze. After that money in your bank account is just a couple of phone calls away. A few minutes of your time every day can keep the cash registers ringing.

Isn’t that truly great?

A wonderful opportunity to sit at home and keep on earning month after month. The amount of money, you can earn will definitely be more than any side business can get you.

Why Wait ? Let’s start TODAY.